Top 10 Jazz clubs in New York City 2018

The top 10 Jazz Clubs In New York 2018

What are the top 10 Jazz Clubs In New York 2018? A question every jazz fan who visits the city asks.
If you love live Jazz music, then you may want to hang out and enjoy your evening in one of the New York’s Jazz clubs.
New York City, also called a city that never ever sleeps, is packed to the brim with an extraordinary range of top Jazz clubs. These clubs promise you nothing but memorable entertainment that will surely make your night come alive.
So if you want a night of Jazz and are wondering which clubs are the ones to visit, then below are the top 10 Jazz clubs in New York 2018.

Top 10 Jazz Clubs In New York 2018

1.Birdland Jazz Club in Manhattan, Theater District
Birdland had rich antiquity and was established on December 15, 1949. The club was named after Charlie Parker Yardbird who was a popular jazz artist during the time. Here, you’ll meet various jazz artists performing throughout the week. You can buy a ticket earlier if you want to secure a front seat. The club offers an exclusive range of live jazz music and guarantees you full entertainment. Listen and watch as if it’s your last night on earth. Get the chance to meet your jazz legends who’ve shaped the world of jazz music. Both tourists and locals flock this club for top-flight jazz accompanied by eccentric acoustics. Besides, there’s a merge of American-Cajun dishes all for you. Stay updated to view all the upcoming events in this ornamental jazz club.
2.Iridium Jazz Club
If you’re looking for a melodic landmark where you can experience intimate jazz music, rock, and blues, then Iridium offers everything you need. The club is positioned along 1650 Broadway in New York. You’ll meet both local and national jazz artists performing in this club. Iridium is famously known for being Les Paul’s home for more than 14 years. The stage and sound systems in this club have undergone major upgrades so expect a good time. For your entire seven nights, you’ll interact with the most iconic vocalists and instrumentalists who’ll take you to an entirely different world of jazz.
3.Blue Note Club
This is situated at 131 West 3rd Street. It was established in the 80s and from that time it has become a popular hotspot for live jazz music. Renowned jazz music artists occupy the stage at this iconic jazz club. The club does all it can to sphere the history and culture of jazz by bringing various jazz artists from around the world. Every single night, you’ll never miss a new jazz musical experience. Don’t be amazed to meet major legends such as Tony Bennett, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, and Liza Minelli and many others. Nevertheless, don’t forget to ask for a taste of American eats here.
4.Fat Cat Club
Fat Cat is found at 75 Christopher Street, New York. If you want to change your view of jazz music, then head here and experience it differently. Multiple late-night jazz performances will thrill you. Much awaits you here. Alongside live jazz music, you’ll also enjoy a variety of art exhibits and classes, ping pong, chess, pool games, board games and many more. The club also boasts of a laid-back atmosphere that will keep you both relieved and relaxed. You can book online to reserve your seat. The club opens as early as 2PM.
5.55 Bar Jazz Club
55 Bar is another authentic club located in Greenwich Village. It was started back in 1919. In this club, you’ll find live Jazz, Blues, and Funk music. Enjoy a jazz-like ambience every single night with multiple concerts that will keep you triumphed every single second. The décor and general atmosphere of this club are one of its kind. Every moment here counts. Different artists do perform here every Friday through to Sunday as early as 6pm. On weekdays, live jazz starts at 7PM.
6.Jazz Standard Club
At the basement of the famous Blue Smoke restaurant is this bustling night jazz club. As you enjoy a modern barbecue and wine, you’ll never miss feeling the touch of live jazz music. The exceptional sound quality coupled with outstanding décor mean nothing but more and more entertainment. The club opens from Tuesday to Sunday. The club has been in operation since its inception in 1990 by James Polsky who was a jazz drum personality.
7.Bill’s Place
At 148 West 133rd Street, New York is the Bill’s Place. The Club offers a true feeling of jazz music through live performances. You’ll also not miss the true touch of the Harlem Renaissance. Different jazz folks play live jazz, so don’t forget to grab your bottle. The club opens at 7.30 pm so be quick to make your reservation. Step a foot here and experience recall of the rich jazz history dating to 1920s and 30s.
8.Smoke Jazz Supper Club
Situated a few miles away from Columbia University in the Upper East Side is the Smoke Club. In 1999, two folks, i.e. Franck Christopher and Paul Stache started this club specifically for the lovers of jazz in mind. It features a cosy setting where you can lock out all your worries and throw yourself into the world of jazz. As you listen and watch live jazz by your favourite artists, remember to have a bite of superb American cuisine prepared by the most applauded chefs. Smoke opens from 5pm in the evening all through to 3 am and on Sundays from 11.30 pm.
9.The Astor Room
This is located at 35-11 35th Avenue, New York. The Astor Room is a classic jazz spot that was started in the 1920s. It offers outstanding jazz concerts along with quality Oysters and Burgers. In fact, it has been termed as a supper club due to its club-inspired cocktail and most-celebrated menu. You can order your meal right from the bar or from your comfy outdoor patio. Doesn’t this sound nice? Take a visit to this legendary club and experience the sensation of jazz celebrities who drank and dined here long ago.
10.Terra Blues
Although it is a small club, Terra Blues is never small when it comes to jazz music. It is situated at the middle of West Village and is often adored by most jazz fans and artists. Make your reservation early to occupy the best table next to a window. Customer service is exemplary, and the quality of drinks is beyond what you expect. Meet national and locally renowned jazz artists on the second floor for a classier jazzy feel.
Jazz music never loses its appeal especially when you listen to a live performance. Regardless of how and where you want to listen, the above list of the top 10 Jazz Clubs In New York 2018 will give you an idea where you can enjoy listening to your favourite music genre in one of the world’s most famous cities.

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