The Beatles impact on Pop Music changing it forever

The Beatles impact on Pop Music changing it forever

Few bands have ever commanded as much respect as the Beatles. Influencing rock ‘n’ roll, songwriting, fashion industry, you name it, they’ve done it. There’s very little that hasn’t been affected by the Beatles impact on pop music.
That certainly makes it difficult to remember all the interesting stuff that the lads from Liverpool accomplished in their short time together. Most famous of the stories known about them tend to keep repeating, despite their accomplishments over a broad spectrum.
But what about some of their lesser-known accomplishments? With a band as prestigious and sophisticated as the Beatles, even the subtlest of their moments have become powerful. The Beatles impact on pop music is significant, and nobody can deny that.

Mixing of Country and Western Music into Pop Music

The Beatles Impact on Pop Music

Country and western music have always been popular in America, but its influence in England wasn’t as significant until the 1950s. Records of them were being imported from America to England, and some of the copies ended up in the hands of the young Beatles.
They were influenced to sing and play the guitar at the same time by Hank Williams, Elvis Presley and the Everly Brothers. The Beatles early material featured many hallmarks of country music like alternating bass, note rhythms, large cords, dramatic yet straightforward chord progressions, and a whole lot of acoustic guitars. The Beatles impact on pop music is very clearly evident by this.

Attached “the” with a noun to create a band name

The Beatles impact on pop music is evident by how a lot of bands these days add “The” to a noun to construct their very own band name. The convention has become, pretty much, a parody of itself. Bands nowadays pick everything from action verbs to nonsensical words to make their band names. The Beatles weren’t the first to construct their name like that; they indeed were the most influential.

Rejection of hippie culture

While the Beatles were undoubtedly at their peak of hippiedom with their album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, they quickly got out of it. After a visit to the epicentre of the hippie movement in San Francisco during the crucial “Summer of Love”, lead guitarist George Harrison became detached from the whole scene. Harrison started to distance himself and his band from the scene after seeing how it was pretty much cover for cultish behaviour and drug abuse. He retreated to India after speaking with his bandmates to study with the Maharishi Yogi. He wrote the tracks for the White Album which was influenced mainly by his rejection of the hippie ideals.

Establishment of their solo careers

Before the Beatles, there was a lack of rock groups. Other individual musicians backed more individual performers. Bands before the Beatles rarely broke up, and their members certainly didn’t go on to start a highly prestigious solo career.
The Beatles were the first one’s to successfully pull this off. Each of them managed to remain professional musicians, starting their own solo careers, which was new for pop music. This was one of the biggest the Beatles impact on pop music.

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