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Different Styles of Jazz: Jazz as it develops through the years

Different Styles of Jazz as it develops through the years

How do we determine the different styles of Jazz when the music itself has always been difficult to define? Several factors add to the lack of a generally accepted definition for Jazz. For one, Jazz is music that is always undergoing improvisations. It is in a constant state of evolution. Jazz musicians are always looking […]

Top 10 Jazz clubs in New York City 2018

The top 10 Jazz Clubs In New York 2018

What are the top 10 Jazz Clubs In New York 2018? A question every jazz fan who visits the city asks. If you love live Jazz music, then you may want to hang out and enjoy your evening in one of the New York’s Jazz clubs. New York City, also called a city that never […]

Tad Newton’s Jazz Friends one of the UK’s top jazz bands

Tad Newton's Jazz Friends one of the UK top jazz bands

Tad Newton’s Jazz Friends have established themselves as not only one of the most popular jazz groups in the United Kingdom but internationally. The ensemble is made up of Tad Newton on trombone and vocals, Trevor Whiting playing clarinet and saxophone, Gary Wood on trumpet, flugelhorn and vocals, Tomas Pedersen on double bass, Alan Haughton […]